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Design Hotels CEO Claus Sendlinger thinks the next big innovation in hospitality isnt necessarily tied to design, but is more about developing curated communities.

Speaking on stage atSkift Forum Europe in London, the seasoned hotel expert who founded Design Hotels in 1993 said that hospitality is a slow-moving business but hotels have always been a reflection and reaction to the changes in society.

And while design has been, for many years, a distinguishing hotel trend, a change is afoot, according to Sendlinger.

Design has been one, maybe, of the latest trends [in hotels] which has lasted now for two decades, he explained. We started Design Hotels in 1993 and in 1998, Barry Sternlicht opened the first W hotel. Its still relatively fresh, you know. But if I look at it the same way I looked at dance floors 25 years ago, theres a change in socio-geographic behavior now. Its not about choosing a yellow or blue or red chair. I think its much more Everyone is doing that now but it needs curation.

By curation, Sendlinger means attracting the right guests to the right hotel. The most innovative hoteliers we are talking to, for them its not about who they are distributing through. Theyre thinking about: How do I get the right guests into my hotel?’

Sendlinger said one example of this includes Design Hotels La Granja Ibiza, a special project in Spain that encompasses a community organic farm that produces its own food specifically for the local community. It caters first and foremost to the people who live on the island and in that way, weve created a kind of filter, he said. We also run a members club there called Friends of a Farmer we go for people whom we share the same values with.

He continued: I believe the micro communities and kinds of islands for people who share their ideologies is whats happening right now. Its not just a hotel anymore. Its a space where technology and community meet Thats where the next level of innovation will happen.

And for Sendlinger, innovation in hospitality is much more than just being local. Its also about developing the right programming.

I strongly believe that the future of these very hot places is that they not only curate the neighborhood, but also curate whats happening within their properties, he said. People who give you a stage or let you cook or select the music, that selects a crowd that has a following. It creates more meaningful encounters. In a time of social media, these personal relationships will matter more and more.

Skift Editors Note: For more of Sendlingers personal views on the evolution and history of boutique hotels, check out Skifts Complete Oral History of Boutique Hotels.

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Photo Credit: Design Hotels CEO Claus Sendlinger was interviewed by SkiftX editor Greg Oates at Skift Forum Europe in London. Russell Harper / Skift

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Targeting the leisure, MICE and wedding segments, the Tourism Office of Spain in Mumbai has planned a number of initiatives starting this month. They will be hosting a workshop especially for the wedding planners in Mumbai. Going forward, the tourism board will be organising its annual roadshow this year in October, covering Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai. The dates are yet to be decided. Short presentations will also be made in the Indian cities of Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Pune. Apart from this, Spain Tourism plans to do a MICE Presentation in Mumbai and Bengaluru in November, said Ignacio Ducasse Gutierrez, Tourism Counselor, Embassy of Spain in India and Director, Tourism Office of Spain.

Talking about the arrival figures from India last year, Gutierrez exclaimed that the destination received 100,000 Indian arrivals in 2016, a 10% increase over the previous calendar year and is expecting 15-20% growth this year as well. Last year, travellers from India were a combination of FIT and MICE. Though FIT travel is growing majorly from India, MICE travel is also getting stronger. This year we aim to attract young travellers from India to Ibiza and Barcelona along with women travellers to the exciting cities of Valencia and Bilbao along with the Northern Spain and Canary Islands, he said. The tourism board is also looking forward to finalise shooting of Indian films and television shows in Spain.

Gutierrez added that Indian tourists are no more looking for traditional packages but experiential tours. He feels that the Indian market has become more dynamic and people are willing to travel and spend more.

Spain Tourism roped in TravelBiz Monitor to promote its online training programme, Spain 360 Expert in order to educate the travel trade in India and the same is receiving overwhelming response. So far, 224 Indian agents (and counting) are certified as Spanish Experts and the programme has received 700 registrations (until March 15).

Recently the tourism board also conducted an agent workshop in Pune along with three Spanish suppliers. Here, certificates were given to certified agents.

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Summer in Ibiza.

Just saying those three words conjures up images of wild beach parties, body paint and many, many strobe lights.

Its great. Also, exhausting.

But what ifand this is a not-so-big ifyou can get the craziness you so seek from a trip to Ibiza, without sacrificing anything in the way of pampering, Japanese fusion food and private jacuzzis?

Here to answer that hypothetical is Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, a lavish, white-sandy refuge a short while away from the madness, taking reservations now for June 30.

Its likely youll have a pretty packed boat/beach/club schedule. But youll need rest, too.

So try to make time for outdoor cabana catnaps and laid-back seaside dinners at Chambao, involving fresh Mediterranean fish and sangria. A personalized spa day and rejuvenating juice at the hotels caf would also serve you well. Especially after that all-night rave…

Now, if you havent gotten your fill around Marina Botafochwhich… hard to imaginekeep the party going at the pool bar and the famed eponymous Japanese fusion restaurant, where they do strong cocktails and an exquisite miso black cod.

Afterward, retire to your suite. Open the floor-to-ceiling windows. Maybe take a dip in your jacuzzi. Then, go to sleep, and do it all over again the next day.

But, please, first go to sleep.

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Well, it looks like it may be a little while before I take on T2: Trainspotting 2, if only because, for whatever reason, its going through a much more limited release than I expected; neither of the two theaters I can count on to release such a film are playing it (evidently, they needed more space for Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, and The Boss Baby).

However, it looks like Irvine Welsh is working on another script. This one is called Ibiza87, and it will focus on the house music scene of the 1980s, and will be loosely based on the early careers of DJs Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling.While I am more familiar with the 90s British electronica scene, artists like Portishead, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and Basement Jaxx, I currently know enough to know this certainly seems interesting:

The show will begin with the week in 1987 where they took a trip to Ibiza, and had a wildly successful party that wound up probably being the most culturally influential vacation abroad by a group of Brits since the Shelleys and Byrons went to Geneva to tell ghost stories in 1816. Of course, it wont end there. After all, theres only so much dramatic mileage one can get out of a week and a party. Welsh will also spend time working with The Second Summer of Love, that period between 1988 and 1989 wherein acid house music rose in popularity in much the same way as psychedelic music did two decades prior. They even found a new drug to use: MDMA.

A press release calls itthe missing link between 24 Hour Party People and Straight Outta Compton. I am intrigued.

And quoth Irvine Welsh, he says its been a dream come true The house music scene and most importantly, the friendships made, the adventures had and crazy tales swapped, have been a pivotal part of our lives over the years,. Those beats, pills and travels (whether to the other side of the world or across the town) shaped a generation, and the opportunity to construct a drama within this backdrop is a dream come true.

And given that Welshs second book, The Acid House, was built around the many stories around that era, its safe to assume that this is an era that fascinates him to no end.

Quoth Paul Oakenfold: [The show] ties in with the 30-year anniversary of our trip to Ibiza and what followed thereafter; the birth of the dance music club and festival scene as we know it today. Its great to celebrate with this project as well as my world tour this year which is about just that, three generations of dance music.

Lets hope it comes soon, then.

I was named after not one, but two, different Shakespearean actors (Derek Jacobi and Laurence Olivier.) I am a lifelong resident of Chicago. I learned to read at the age of 18 months and credit my love of literature, film, and music with keeping me somewhat sane throughout school. When not writing about music, I like going to plays, and going to Columbia College Chicago where I am a fiction writing student.

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With quick ascension, Archie Hamilton is one of the international dance music scenes most sought after.

In 2015, his tracks Mind Blank and Troublemaker catapaulted him into the limelight, as did his 5 date Arkityp concept. Now, Archie Hamitons music has found its way onto the likes of Fear of Flying, Fasten Musique Concrete, NG Trax, and FUSE, while his own Moscow Records and Moss Co boast some of the scenes biggest names as supporters. His latest release Driven released via Londons FUSE, has been steadily climbing the charts since its recent release.

As a DJ, Archie tours the world, frequently playing Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. Of these destinations, notable appearances have been at the likes of notable of FUSE, fabric, tINI & The Gang and Space Ibiza as well as leading festivals like OFF Sonr, Mint, Found, Subsonic, and Sonus (where he returns this summer).

Anticipating that event and celebrating the release of Driven, we caught up with Archie to have a chat about the year that was, the year that is, and everything in between.

Were talking here anticipating your appearance at Croatias Sonus Festival 2017? Can you tell us a bit about the festival and how you see it? What makes it unique/different from Croatias stacked summer festival scene? Its a huge highlight of the summer for me! This will be my 3rd year at the festival, but I have wanted to go ever since the first edition, so I was delighted to be invited to play in 2015. Being run by the Timewarp family, it goes without saying that the festival is incredibly well organised from the big things like transport and programming down to the little things like never having to queue for a drink; the location itself is purpose-built for an event like this, and it really shows. Croatia has festivals week-in-week-out throughout the summer, so apart from the excellent organisation, for me the real difference lies in the lineup; its a lot more refined and specific to my taste.

Speaking of Croatia, how do you view the energy and atmosphere there, especially during its festival season? Where do you see the future of Croatian nightlife? Its great to see the Croatian scene thriving. The old Ibiza has been struggling in recent years due to the wealth of varied and cheaper clubbing holiday options for people every summer its not the only rave destination any more. The parties on the island have reacted in kind, and I think this is why you see a lot more of the bottle VIP style events doing so well; they have had to attract a new market as the new generation of music-heads are increasingly spending their summers elsewhere. If this continues, then it can only be good for the Croatian scene!

How has your 2017 gotten off to? So far so good? Yes, its been a great start. I spent half of January on tour in Argentina and Chile, which gave me some good time to reflect on 2016 and plan for the year ahead. I have also found some time to write some new music, which I am very happy with I work in a frustrating manner whereby I either sit for months banging my head against the wall, or I get a week where I write five tracks with my eyes shut.

You placed in the Top 100 of Resident Advisors top DJs of 2016. What are your impressions of such polls? Do you put any weight into them? Does placement on such a list actually help your career? Theres no doubt that it put me in the spotlight, so I can certainly be thankful for that, but I dont think polls or ratings are definitive. Music is subjective, and I dont think it can be judged in such a way.

Coming into your own in London, how would you advise others to break away from the competition in such a highly competitive market? Im from NYC, which is the sameeveryone does everything, so you really need to separate yourself from the pack outside of just pure talent. What are your thoughts? Good old-fashioned hard work, Im afraid theres no shortcut! I think its important to make or play music thats original and individual to you as an artist, and delivering that in a pure and honest way. Its also important to get out and about and build your support network. If you are the kind of person that doesnt like to leave the studio, its likely that you never will. I also think that building and developing your own platform is very important; signing music to big labels just doesnt have the effect that it used to. Youre much better off putting your time and energy into developing your voice as an artist with something brand that people can interact with that you control. Apart from anything its incredibly rewarding!

Archie HamiltonDrivenFabricFuseinterviewlondonMind BlankMoscow RecordsMoss Co.Sonus 2017Sonus Festivaltini & the gang

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It would be hard to find more exciting, flavorful Spanish cuisine without going to Spain itself rave real foodies who feel right at home at this outstanding Downtown New Haven destination (with more casual, affordable tapas bar offspring in Danbury and Hamden); though it can get a bit noisy and expensive, a wonderful wine list, fairly seamless service and a bright, nicely decorated contemporary space seal the deal.

Zagat reviews are compiled from individual user reviews. Write your review.Write your review.

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Quiones, who has headed popular restaurants in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, has taken over executive chef duties at the hotels MS Tapas y Vino and Ibiza rooftop bar and patio, as well as its banquet catering.

Its just exciting to be here, Quiones said. Im thrilled to be here. We have a really fantastic team here. Our beverage program is second to none. I feel as if I am where I was always meant to be. My entire career has led me to this point.

The new menus, which roll out April 11, are Spanish-inspired. They are contemporary and modern but celebrate flavors of Spain and the Mediterranean, according to Quiones.

One of the dishes that Im very excited about is going to be our Iberian black pig, he said . Its a secreto cut. Its actually called secreto because the cut of the meat is hidden inside the shoulder of the pig. Its honestly the best pork that Ive had in my entire life, and Im really thrilled to introduce it here in Albuquerque here at MS. Its highly prized in Spain. Its kind of the cuts of all cuts. Youre going to love it, and Im serving it with some caramelized onions, toasted sourdough with some fresh thyme and oregano oil. Its easily my favorite tapa on the menu.

Quiones is also proud of his vegan dish on the Ibiza menu.

Also a dish that I think is going to be a hit is vegan for all our vegan friends out there, he said. Its going to be vegan Buffalo wings. So basically Im going to create a vegan dumpling and Im going to fry it crispy and toss it in my own homemade Buffalo sauce. Its a way for vegans to enjoy like a chicken wing flavor without the chicken.

Ibiza has plenty to offer for late-night appetites. Ibizas mixologists are the best Quiones has worked with, he said. They also inspired him to up his game when it came to creating his menu, he said.

Were going to have really tasty bar food, Quiones said. Were going to have 36-hour short-rib egg rolls with green chile lo mein. Were also doing a very juicy brisket burger with a housemade milk bun with local cheddar from Tucumcari, New Mexico, and were also going to have the most fantastic garlicky steak sandwich with skirt steak thats going to be out of this world.

For bigger appetites, MS offers large-format plates that include a Newport bone-in rib-eye steak, 36-hour sous vide Buffalo short ribs, Chilean sea bass and Colorado lamb chops.

Quiones finds inspiration from his travels.

Whenever I travel, whenever I go out to eat, you know, I also do consulting work out in Los Angeles, he said. I always go out to eat, and I see whats trending. Whenever Im writing the menu, I try to figure out whats not being done in the city so I can have a chance to introduce it and get people excited about trying new flavors and new items. I do a lot of research just eating, reading and tasting as much as I can to keep my finger on the pulse of whats happening.

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Travel News: Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

The Balearic Islands most exciting new luxury five-star resort, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, a member of the globally recognised Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH), is set to open on 30th June 2017. Located on the shores of Talamanca Bay, the sophisticated yet fun loving beach retreat will be like nowhere else in Ibiza.

Ibiza Bay is designed to be the ultimate playground for grown-ups. The Ibizan style rooms and suites, two private seafront pools, restaurants, spa, boutique, adult and family experiences have been carefully curated to provide guests with the finest, authentic island escape, without ever having to leave the resort.

MC Hotels, the owners of Spains iconic Marbella Club and Puente Romano and London & Regional have set a vision to create Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay as a lifestyle beach resort in Ibiza, and distinct from all other offerings on the island, said Trevor Horwell, Chief Executive of Nobu Hospitality. Nobus global customers will be excited and passionate about this unique and fun luxury resort and will become another destination on the growing map of Nobu Hotels and Nobu Restaurants.

Ideally positioned on the white sandy beaches of Talamanca Bay, two kilometres north of Ibiza Town (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and a leisurely fifteen minutes walk from trendy boutiques and clubs of Marina Botafoch; Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Offering three restaurants and a pool bar, Ibiza Bay is a food lovers paradise. There are no fixed agendas; breakfast is served at guests leisure and spontaneous lunches blend into vivacious nights.

Savour Nobu Matsuhisas signature Japanese fusion dishes, as well as special creations inspired by Ibiza itself at Nobu, the resorts signature restaurant. Chambao, in collaboration with El Chiringuito de Es Cavallet is Ibiza Bays laidback chiringuito. The freshly prepared seafood is as much of the attraction as the cocktails and beach vibe. At night, Chambao is the place to be for chilled-out parties with family and friends. The Peyote Group is bringing the vibrant spirit of modern Mexico City to Ibiza with its contemporary and refined take on renowned Mexican food. For those looking for healthy fare, the deliciously wholesome caf Celicioso will recharge guests with mouth-watering gluten-free cuisine, nourishing juices and superfood salads.

From the sexy, immersive and fun culinary options to the 152 rooms and suites, every detail at Ibiza Bay has been designed with the guests comfort in mind. Inspired by the colours of the island, rooms are decorated with soft furnishings, natural wood, and artisan ceramics, using a colour palette of whites, golds and blues. Tasteful details like mother-of-pearl inlay and hand-blown pendant lights lend a lavish yet comfortable feel to the rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows and open terraces mean guests will wake to the scent of wild jasmine and fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves, whilst luxurious Natura Bisse amenities offer pre-and post-beach pampering.

The expansive Presidential and Royal Suites boast grand terraces overlooking the Mediterranean, an outdoor Jacuzzi, sprawling living room and private bar. Accommodation options vary from Cool and Deluxe rooms to Junior and Grand Suites.

Ibiza Bay brings the first Six Senses Spa to the island. Mindful journeys, indulgent treatments, a yoga pavilion, state of the art gymnasium, blow dry bar, manicure/pedicure salons and indoor cabins, outdoor roof terraces & beach cabanas allow guests to spa wherever they desire.

Offering unparalleled fun, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bays Kids Club is engaging and exploratory, so much so that grown-ups will want to become kids again. From bohemian foraging sessions to a cookery school and Ibizan inspired programmes; Ibiza Bays Kids Club is imaginative and innovative.

At Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, indulgence and serenity cohabit peacefully. Rates start at 490 Euros per night, based on double occupancy.

Shayne Heffernan Funds Manager at HEFFX holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m and 1 that reach a peak market cap of $15b. He has managed and overseen start ups in Mining, Shipping, Technology and Financial Services.

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A huge fan of old school dance music? Well you might want to clear your diary for Sunday, April 30 and get yourself down to O2 Academy Newcastle for Keeping The Rave Alive.

Having already conquered numerous territories across the world with sell out events, the multi-award winning brand is presenting Neon Nation. With a line up featuring the biggest global superstars from the harder styles of dance music, the event is set to be one of the biggest parties in the Toon this year.

Already confirmed for the Bank Holiday Sunday are Kutzki, famous for being a DJ on Radio 1 and for providing the soundtrack for huge UK events like Parklife and Creamfields and hitting the decks abroad in the likes of Ibiza and Aya Napa and Darren Style, the world renowned DJ and man behind hits like Save Me and Ultrabeat collaboration Discolights.

Joining them are powerstomp pioneer Joey Riot, Italian hardstyle legend Technoboy and most recent addition to the lineup Italian Queen of Hardcore DJ AniMe.

On Keeping The Rave Alives Facebook page organisers promise that more big names will be announced in the very near future.

But if the lineup as it is is enough to whip you into a frenzy you can get your tickets from the Academy box office and online from Ticketweb.

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In 2010, Padley was attending an Ibiza afterparty when the music suddenly cut out. He plugged his iPhone into the party's speakers, and incidentally, one of his works-in-progress came on. Though Padley had admittedly not made the track with the intent

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